“Velocius quam asparagi coquantur!” – Emperor Caesar Augustus

This Latin saying means, “faster than the time taken to cook asparagus” or, loosely translated, “get going already!” The Roman emperor was supposedly a connoisseur of asparagus and famously dedicated fleets of military ships for transporting them. Asparagus ranges from pale white to many tones of greens and the much sought after purple-hued crowns. It is said to be native to Europe but is now grown throughout the world, with most of the US supply coming from California. It takes three years from seed to harvest, with white asparagus being the most labor intensive to grow. Asparagus is served in many different ways around the world, such as stir-fried, grilled, or even pickled for several years. Asparagus is also known for its many health benefits, as it is low in sodium and calories and high in fiber, and is a well-known diuretic. Asparagus pairs exceptionally well with other spring vegetables, which makes April the perfect month to taste its one-of-a-kind flavor.

Please join Chef Camiel Henning for this spectacular spring menu this April.

Wild Asparagus Steamed in Lemon Verbena Tea
Topped with Seared Chanterelles, Reggiano Parmigiano & Chervil
Meyer Lemon Emulsion
Twomey by Silver Oak, CA

Citrus-Infused Poached Maine Lobster Tail
Riding a Raft of Vanilla Caramelized Purple Passion Asparagus
Asparagus Thread & Micro Merlot Salad, Ginger Crisp
Stag’s Leap Karia Chardonnay, Napa Valley, CA

Gaviota Strawberries
Soaked with Basil and Mint Juice, Crispy Tuille with Pistachio, Strawberry Cream, Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream
Canella NV Prosecco Superiore

Three Course Meal | $85* per person
Wine Pairing | $35* per person

Individual Course Pricing Available
Starter $23* | Main $58* | Dessert $15*

*Prices do not include tax or gratuity

To make a reservation, please contact Morgan’s in the desert at 760.564.5700 or book on Opentable



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