“At least you’ll never be a vegetable-even artichokes have hearts” –Amélie Poulain, Amélie

Indeed, no other vegetable has a center that is as sought after at the dinner table as an artichoke heart. Artichokes are one of the oldest foods-they have been enjoyed since the days of Homer and Pliny the Elder. They are native to the Mediterranean, where they are still an important part of Italian culture. They were brought to California in the 19th century by Spanish settlers – today, nearly 100% of artichokes in the United States are grown in California. Artichokes are typically grown in cool, coastal areas, however, in the Coachella Valley they have been developed over many years to grow in the warm, dry climate. The edible portion is the flower bud of the plant before it blooms, which can grow up to 6’ tall. The artichoke also has key health benefits – it has the most antioxidants of any vegetable, is high in protein (especially for a vegetable) and has nearly a quarter of the daily recommended amount of fiber.

Please join Chef Camiel Henning for this spectacular spring menu this May.

Coachella Valley Baby Globe Artichoke
USDA Prime New York Strip Carpaccio, Madison Field Greens, Parmesan Crisp, Crimini Mushroom
Saint Hilaire, Blanc de Blanc, Limoux, France

May Ranch Veal Tenderloin
Stacked Atop Local Baby Artichoke Hearts & Beluga Lentil Ragout, Basil Essence
2015 Mossback Pinot Noir, Central Coast

Crème Brulee
Hazelnut Caramel Ice Cream, Cynar Infused Vanilla Bean Sponge cake, Meyer Lemon Mousse
Chateau Grand Jauga, Sauternes

Three Course Meal | $79* per person
Wine Pairing | $35* per person

Individual Course Pricing Available
Starter $24* | Main $49* | Dessert $15*

*Prices do not include tax or gratuity

To make a reservation, please contact Morgan’s in the desert at 760.564.5700 or book on Opentable



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